Guilded Magazine

“I’ve named the series, “Hilde” - a play on words between the great valkyrie shieldmaiden known as Brünnhilde and the Scandinavian version of the siren called the, "Huldra." I aim to capture the strength of the Valkyries and the mystic properties of forest spirits found throughout Norwegian folk tales into designs fit for a viking queen.” -Madison Leiren

PC: Calysta Sarah Model: Olivia Bachman HMUA: Scotti Provo

seattle fashion design leiren womens clothing


Promo Magazine, Conde Nast

"Reveur" is a french word, meaning dream, dreamy, and daydream. The feeling of lightness and the ethereal qualities of this shoot made the results of it quite dreamlike.

PC: Tarla Walton


 Model: Stephanie Miller MUA: Mo Moxie